Damper Bread

Aussie olive and fennel seed damper bread, easiest bread ever to make, you can add anything you want, cheese works really well, rosemary etc… i believe its a bread traditionally made in the bush on campfires,

450gms of self raising flour,
a tablespoon of olive oil,
pinch of salt
225ml of warm water,
plus whatever you want to add

mix dry ingredients, i added fennel seeds, add oil and make well and add water, stir make dough, no need to knead, make flattish then add olives or whatever you want cheese etc, then fold edges in so olives are encased, keep doing it and pushing filling in, then make into round shape, put wooden spoon acrooss to make indents, push spoon handle down to nearly the bottom, into preheated oven for 30 mins on gas mark 6

Author: Miki's Meals On A Budget

My name is Miki, and I live healthily on a budget, I am not a vegetarian but do have many meat free days, I have a lot of love for beans, pulses, lentils and veg, so you will see many meals posted based around these ingredients. I will also post meat and fish recipes. I spend no more than £30 per week for 2 full time adults, plus my 2 elderly inlaws evening meals (I do meals on wheels for them) and my granddaughter a couple of days a week...I love food especially savory food and curries, but I do have to watch my weight so many of my recipes will be low in fat, with the odd pie thrown in lol.

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