Yorkshire puddings.

3 equal cup method, same cup, break eggs into it, where ever level comes too, fill same cup to same level with milk, then same again with flour.

Home made yorkies. i make in batches and freeze, then pop in oven from frozen for 4 to 5 mins like you would aunt bessies, only way better.
4 eggs broken into a cup, then same amount of flour and milk..
i beat eggs and flour then add milk, carry on beating….
heat oil in yorkie tray till very hot, pour in batter and put in oven for 25 mins. cool before freezing.

Author: Miki's Meals On A Budget

My name is Miki, and I live healthily on a budget, I am not a vegetarian but do have many meat free days, I have a lot of love for beans, pulses, lentils and veg, so you will see many meals posted based around these ingredients. I will also post meat and fish recipes. I spend no more than £30 per week for 2 full time adults, plus my 2 elderly inlaws evening meals (I do meals on wheels for them) and my granddaughter a couple of days a week...I love food especially savory food and curries, but I do have to watch my weight so many of my recipes will be low in fat, with the odd pie thrown in lol.

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