Cheesy Loaf.

500gms of strong bread flour,
7gm yeast sachet,
Teaspoon of salt,
320ml of water,
Tablespoon of oil.
100gms of any cheddar cheese.

Mix flour salt n yeast in bowl,
add the water and oil and mix,
tip on well floured surface and knead.
Once smooth, cover and prove for an hour.
Put onto greased tray or loaf tin.
Make indents with wooden spoon and add grated cheese to top.
Pop into hot oven gas mark 7 for 30 mins


Tearing & Sharing bread.

10264541_10153397635324639_6704632822271001975_nTearing and sharing bread…
They charge way too much for this in the shops.
Red onion & Cheese Focaccia Bread.

500gms of strong bread flour, I used white
7gms of yeast
teaspoon of honey
tablespoon of olive oil plus some to drizzle on top
300ml of warm water
an onion and 2 teaspoons of brown sugar
Cheese optional

make a dough by placing flour, yeast and a teaspoon of salt in bowl, add water and honey and olive oil, make a dough & knead for 10 mins, leave to prove for an hour…
Stretch dough onto a shallow oiled tray, leave for 20 mins more…
Meanwhile fry onion, and brown sugar to caramelize,
when bread has proved, brush with olive oil, spread onions on top, add a sprinkle of salt, add some grated cheese if you like and push fingers in randomly, making indents, pop in oven gas mark 6 for 30 mins,…

Damper Bread

Aussie olive and fennel seed damper bread, easiest bread ever to make, you can add anything you want, cheese works really well, rosemary etc… i believe its a bread traditionally made in the bush on campfires,

450gms of self raising flour,
a tablespoon of olive oil,
pinch of salt
225ml of warm water,
plus whatever you want to add

mix dry ingredients, i added fennel seeds, add oil and make well and add water, stir make dough, no need to knead, make flattish then add olives or whatever you want cheese etc, then fold edges in so olives are encased, keep doing it and pushing filling in, then make into round shape, put wooden spoon acrooss to make indents, push spoon handle down to nearly the bottom, into preheated oven for 30 mins on gas mark 6

2p Wraps..

So easy to make your own wraps..
WRAPS less than 2p each to make, its actually 7.5p to make 6.
Based on Tesco everyday flour at 45p for 1.5 kilo.

250gms of plain flour,
about 110/130ml of water (add a bit more if too dry) ,
teaspoon of salt, optional

Make into a dough,
Cut into equal parts,
I did 6, roll out flat round, mine were uneven lol, and put onto an oiled chapati pan or frying pan for 2 mins each side.
You can add flavourings, like coriander, garlic etc.