Dried Beans.

It is much cheaper to buy dried beans, I buy various beans such as pinto, haricot, turtle beans etc.
I cook, then portion & freeze in batches, I can then grab a bag from the freezer to bulk out meat meals to make meals go further or to do a complete bean meal such as 5 bean chilli.
Pick ones that have similar cooking times, then add 100gms of each to a large pan of cold water.
I do between 500gms and 1 kilo at a time of various beans, this gives me between 5 & 10 bags to freeze, 100gms of dried beans works out similar to a drained tin amount.
Soak them overnight.
Wash thoroughly.
Add fresh water and put on a rolling boil for 10 minutes.
Turn to simmer and cook for between 60 & 90 minutes, check packs for cooking times.
Drain beans, let cool then portion and put in bags to freeze.12642528_1518031245158717_6475098818742448050_n558931_10151770324464639_1783636881_n945719_10151560376534639_513662426_n